Monday, October 25, 2010

Book Cover

I chose this image from Flicker. This is what I hope for my 21st century students. Including – Critical Thinking and Problem Solving - College, Workplace, and Life Skills – Information and Media Literacy – ICT Digital Literacy (Information and Communication Technologies) - Creativity and Innovation – Communication and Collaboration. Most of all it depicts all the digital knowledge and collaborative skills that is necessary for 21st students.

The reason I chose this book cover is it reminds me of looking at the world through our fingertips. Our world is changing ever so fastly through technology and the children have to know the technology skills to be part of our ever growing technological society. Hopefully by learning the technology skills, they will be ready for the world as they see it and have it at their fingertips.

I chose this picture because it demonstrates engaging students in 21st century skills at an early age. These children are lower elementary and I beleive it's vital to expose our students to technology early on. The more we teach them in their younger years, the more comfortable they will be with technolgy as they get older. They won't have a "fear of technology" because it will just be a normal part of their educational process. This is important because as they graduate and get out in the real world, they will need to be very literate with technology in any career path they pursue. After all, teaching is about preparing our children for the future. Another part I like about this picture is how on-task and engaged in their learning these students are. All eyes are on the smart board and they appear intrigued by the concept they are learning. We all know that when children are on-task and engaged, learning takes place.
I beleive the author chose their book cover because it has 2 children working on a laptop together. Also, there's a boy and a girl so both genders are represented. The children appear interested in what's on the screen, and are working cooperatively together. That is another skill students need to master so they learn how to work well with others, and this pictures shows them doing that while working on the laptop.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

book cover

I chose this book cover because I think 21st century skills are the future. I thought it was an interesting concept to circle the word out of a dictionary which is almost an obsolete tool, Most people now days use the internet to look up words. Actual books are becoming thing of the past. In a way, I feel sad about that. There is something about curling up with a good book and the feel and smell of the pages that a computer just can't replace! (A little side note: I went and looked up obsolete in my dictionary to make sure it was spelled correctly! :))

The book cover on our 21st Century Book seems like it was chosen because it shows 2 children involved in doing something on the computer. They are so in to what they are doing that they did not even bother to look up when the picture was taken. How many children do not look at a camera when you are ready to take their picture? Usually they are ready with some sort of smile or performing some action! The future is in technology and we need to get on board if we do not want to be left behind the future generation!
Della Mader

Welcome to Literature Circle Twenty-four!

Your Super Summarizer schedule is as follows:

Section One--Due October 28, Ann Anderson
Section Two--Due November 4, Deanne Cogdill
Section Three--Due November 11, Della Mader
Section Four--Due November 18, Lacy Foskett
Section Five--Due December 2, Deetta Terkildsen
Section Six--Due December 9, TBA